Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften (FIB e.V.)

Leadpartner of the Projectes is the  Research Institute for Former Mining Areas – Forschungsinstitut für Bergbaufolgelandschaften (FIB) e.V.

A team of scientists, an accredited environmental laboratory and the many years of experience of the institute and its staff ensure the success of the project.

The main contact person for the project is Dr. Zimmermann.

FIB brochure


IRRIGAMA Projektgesellschaft

The IRRIGAMA project company advises agricultural enterprises on the implementation of irrigation projects and prepares irrigation recommendations.

In this project, it contributes its expertise in the calculation and modelling of additional water supplies.

The contact person of Irrigama Projektgesellschaft is Dr. Bernd Schörling.

Fachverband Bewässerungslandbau Mitteldeutschland (FBM) e.V

The Fachverband Bewässerungslandbau Mitteldeutschland (FBM) e.V. represents the interests of irrigated agriculture.

During the project, the FBM ensures public relations work and the dissemination of the results and findings of the project.

The contact person of the FBM is Dr. Sebastian Ulrich.

Hydr Air international

Hydro-Air International is a company based in Brandenburg, specialising in the construction of irrigation systems, associated irrigation technology and has been successful for several years in the implementation of site-specific irrigation, including abroad.

With its expertise, HydroAir guarantees the conversion of an existing pivot irrigation system and the installation and operation of a new pivot irrigation system with individual nozzle control (VRI).

Managing Director and main contact person of HydroAir is Mr. Stefan Scholz.

Hof Grünhagen

The agricultural enterprise of Mr. Hans-Heinrich Grünhagen is an agricultural practice partner of the project. Due to his high expertise in irrigated agriculture he ensures the implementation of the scientific project aspects.

Agrarbetrieb Altdöbern

The Agrarbetrieb Altdöbern is an agricultural practice partner of the project. On the farm in Lower Lusatia the conversion of an existing plant to a site-specific and situational irrigation system is being tested.

Contact person for the project is the the manager Christoph Bierlein.